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Seamless workflow

Tap to add products
Add products to the cart, accept payment, then email the receipt. You just created a sale, straight simple.

Synchronized monitoring
Whether you made a sale online, in-store, or on your phone, your data is automatically updated.

Flexibility option

Gain control
Get payment flexibility with support for multiple tender types and the capability to combine them in a single ticket. This maximizes payment acceptance that enable store owners to accept payments — quickly, easily and with the security needed.

Customers will enjoy the convenience of a payment system that best suits their preferences and requirements. We can build your point of sale system to meet your today's needs, while preparing to meet tomorrow's.

Handy monitoring

Improve sales performance
Managers can track and manage their inventory items and can create a stock level based on the data and reports produced by the system. By having this information on hand, managers can prevent overstocking and make informed decisions based on the systems findings.

Use Your POS to Gather Marketing Data
The POS has the ability to record phone numbers, email addresses or order information, such check average per table or party size. The POS can build a database of customer information. Later, in your direct marketing campaigns, you can use this information to personalize your promotions.

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