Our Features that Surprise All:

Unlimited Products

Every user can add products as many as they can.

Product Reviews

People surely want to share their opinion. The best way to make your store more social.

Product Ratings

Comprehensive information about customers’ opinions and how they express their thoughts and feelings on your products.

Related Products

Allows you to fetch similarly named products, products in the same categories, and even products you had manually set as related.

Product Sort

Allows you to set different sorting criteria for different pages.

Quick View

Allows you to quickly view product in the popup window.

Social Comments Integration

The simplest way to integrate your products to social networking sites with favorite like buttons on your shop.

Unlimited Categories

Store owner can add products to any categories as many as they want.

Unlimited Manufacturers

Store owner can add manufacturers as many as they want.

Ajax Search

Ajax supported Search bar.

Ajax Shopping Cart

A fully nice, lightweight, smooth and fast cart.

Multiple Tax Rates

Allows you to setup multiple tax zones so that the correct taxes are paid depending on which country the goods are going to be paid from or shipped to.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Customers has a lot of options on how they want to be charged for the shipping rates.

Multiple Payment Gateways

With Multiple Payment Gateways, customers have a lot of options to pay.

Discount Coupon System

Sellers can create discounts and other promotional things.

Social Media Integration

Allows you to make connections to your social media pages on your online store.

Event Notification System

Alerts you when “customer triggered events” occur, such as new orders, reviews, returns, enquiries and affiliates.

Fully Responsive Design

Our templates are built by our expert designers and created with modern techniques and mobile devices.

Sales Reports

Monitor sales using our advanced tools.

Printable Invoices

Allows you to print the invoice created after a sale. Printing can done in the admin by the store owner.

Currency Conversion

With the built-in currency converter it lessens the hustle.

Intuitive Dashboard

Complete report and data analysis.

Google Analytics Support

Helps user to monitor daily traffic .

SEO Optimized

Will drive more customers in your website that will boost your visibility in organic search and revenue.

Multilingual Support

Seller can choose their preferred languages.

Grid & List View Modes

Store owner may use their desired modes of view.

Automatic Image Resizing

Automatically recognize the best resize type for your images.

Unlimited Information Pages

You can add extra additional information page as many as you want.

Data Import

Lets you upload data from external sources and combine it with data you collect.

Backup & Restore Tools

Allows you to backup or restore your databases and store files.