Building an Ecommerce Website without Spending Anything

Nov 5, 2015 || by eayana

Many people have vision and passion in selling amazing products in an ecommerce website. But despite their great enthusiasm, it ends up nothing.
There are factors that hinder their desire to start ecommerce business. This includes: No idea in what to sell, afraid of failing and do not know where to start. The startup cost is a major factor too.
If the things above sound like you, here is something you should know about: selling products in ecommerce website is not a wishful thinking anymore. In fact, lots of entrepreneurs started from zero to thousand dollars.
How did they do it? Grab your notebook and pencil or bookmark this page now. Here are some vital tips to start an ecommerce website without spending any money:
Find the seed (idea)
Successful entrepreneurs did not start with having a product. It starts with their idea, which this later turn into a product. You can, in fact, sell products without having them.
If you already have the bright idea, verify it first before you set up a store. Do everything and anything in manual until you have the high demand to hire people to work for you.
You may also sell your ideas to someone who can finance your business venture.
Don’t listen to what others are saying (Ecommerce does not need to be costly)
Other big ecommerce sites builders do provide you an opportunity to sell your products. However, setting up a page with them can be pricey most of the time. They are expensive primarily because they have high reputation. But, the thing is you do not have to spend big bucks for free ecommerce website templates when you already have particular and prospect buyers or when you can do the marketing yourself.
In fact, there are some websites that offer free ecommerce software to manage business in every aspect. provides all standard features (which are usually expensive), including unlimited number of products, unlimited file storage and responsive templates.
Plant the seed (Pre-sell your products)
This method is beneficial in two ways: You will more likely to identify your audience even before you officially start your online store. And you do not have to spend much on attracting new consumers as your branding will work itself and you already have an idea who to target.
It will also avoid you from doing a lot of assumptions and doubt of whether people will buy your products or not.

Eayana eCommerce

Climb up the tree (Set up your store with no hassle)
Setting up an online shop does not have to be hard and brain draining. In fact, it could be as easy as ABC. Online store provider like Eayana offers free and easy to set up store. The site also has a great customer support if you need some help (like web development and web hosting) in building your site.
Claim the gold (Reap the benefits)


Dreaming is free and thisshould be the same case when setting up your online store. Like Jack and the Beanstalk story, your ecommerce website will bring you some gold too.



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