5 Must-Have Web Design Features To Enhance Your Ecommerce Website

Oct 29, 2015 || by eayana

Eayana eCommerceIt is not enough to have a beautiful ecommerce website.

No matter how colorful or festive your site is, if it does not serve its purpose of convenience to visitors, it will not work.

Your online store should also be functional. It should have something that gives buyers a reason to come back to your site for more.

Web design is a major factor that identifies the possibility of your business to succeed or not.
How many websites turned down by visitors because of poor navigation?

There are hundreds of them.

And this is not unusual for some entrepreneurs and small businesses that run ecommerce websites to hit a snag due to the inconsistency of their web designs.

In fact, your website can make or break your branding and your business in general. A well-built website builds trust and improves business reputation.

So what makes a beautiful and functional online shop software?

Here are five must-have features you should know about:

User-Friendly Navigation

Your website navigation is an important element of your ecommerce site. Your goal is to make your visitors find the products and proceed to checkout easily. There is no definite answer to what makes a good navigation. The important thing is to create a smooth route from the landing page to the checkout.

Section the names, categorize the items according to type (gender, size, model), or add dropdown menus to make it easier for your visitors to search for the products they wish to buy. Be consistent with how you organize the sections and keep everything simple.

Responsive Design

With the advancement of technology, more people are now using their smartphones and tablets to purchase online. A responsive design makes your website adaptable to all platforms and gadgets. If your site is not responsive, it should be integrated to your web development.

Having a responsive web design is also beneficial for your ranking. In fact, the latest update from Google shows that they are prioritizing those mobile-friendly websites on the search engine results page.

Fast Loading Speed

Loading speed is an important factor in online shop. The faster the site loads, the better. People will only wait for an average of 4 seconds before leaving the site. As much as possible, optimize your homepage and compress large files to improve your site’s loading page.

Attractive Images

It is not a secret that many people are drawn to eye-catching images, especially those crisp and clear pictures. Strategically place your call to action with the images. Large visuals can effectively influence visitors to make a purchase.

Branding Consistency

Your ecommerce site should reflect the business brand and the reputation you want to build on. The color scheme and the overall design should be in line with marketing and advertising efforts you want to do. This way, your brand becomes consistent and it will build the trust of your visitors.

Having these tips will give you confidence to start your online shop. And for sure, a well-designed ecommerce website boosts sales and improves your business revenue.


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