Just like what philanthropist’s do, were extending help to the groups or organizations that really need our product.

Sometimes it’s better to do something that isn’t about money. Just like donating your product to a group that definitely needs it to make impact without really expecting monetary returns. Like for example, the FREE E-BOOKs that talk about how to build a better career to non-profit organizations that are helping unemployed people. There may be no financial advantage on our part, but personally, it makes us feel rewarded.


We are a team of highly skilled and competent developers and investors just like others who were also asked to spend a lot of money to develop an e-commerce system exactly the way a client wants it to be. Every business have different approach but there is only one thing in common – that is to be on TOP of the Market. We don’t recommend you to pay MUCH for a software that is no longer of help and left you empty without a CATCH.

Why we offer this for FREE?

In today’s becoming extremely profit-oriented world; nothing is REALLY offered totally Free RIGHT? In this instance it’s GIVE AND TAKE and a WIN-WIN solution. We give you this software and make use of it for FREE for a defined period of time, because through your feedback and your inquiries, we can improve our product and we can put more value in it. Although we have tested it at our end and it works, and the features are just right, still we are open for constructive criticisms and always have a room for improvements to keep up with the competition. You’ll never know, sooner or later, you are already using the best e –commerce website in the world??

Is it going to be free always?

Nothing is always FREE, but our E-Commerce system will ABSOLUTELY be FREE. To our valued clients, we provide you a one-year FREE usage and pay ONLY $299/annual after the (1) one year. This fee will cover free service for Maintenance and Hosting. No more other charges!

What we offer and how this works?

1. We do not host using other business servers. We do this to safeguard your data from data theft.

2. We lose control of maintenance if hosted on other servers and by the time you’ll need us, we can’t help you anymore. This may lead to loss of your business sales! In which surely, you can’t afford to happen.

3. We take pride of our work, our passion and dedication to provide the most extensive innovation that is meticulously maneuvered to the full satisfaction of our clients.