The Society’s mission is to serve research scientists

May 25, 2014 || by eayana

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replica bags us 100% NTA. This is coming from a woman who was once just like your daughter. When I was 15 I had done something similar. Founded in 1948, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) is the leading professional membership organization for human genetics specialists worldwide. The nearly 8,000 members of ASHG include researchers, academicians, clinicians, laboratory practice professionals, genetic counselors, nurses, and others with a special interest in the field of human genetics. The Society’s mission is to serve research scientists, health professionals and the public by providing forums to: (1) share research results through the ASHG Annual Meeting and in The American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG); (2) advance genetic research by advocating for research support; (3) educate current and future genetics professionals, health care providers, advocates, policymakers, educators, students, and the public about all aspects of human genetics; and (4) promote genetic services and support responsible social and scientific policies.. replica bags us

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