The remaining bears will be evaluated to see if they can

Aug 29, 2014 || by eayana

Woman Refuses To Stop Feeding Bears

Officers attached a surveillance camera to one of the Tassler’s trees that looked into Medina’s back yard.

“After seeing the surveillance it was critical and it was absolutely obvious that this was now a human health Canada Goose Parka and safety issue, and we had to intervene immediately,” said Matt Robbins with Colorado Parks canada goose outlet online and Wildlife.

According to canada goose outlet arrest papers, Medina would fill numerous red bins and trash bags canada goose outlet black friday with dog food and spread them out across her backyard and deck. The canada goose black friday sale video also shows bears coming and eating while Medina is still setting out food. Other surveillance clips claim to show several bears walking up to her glass doors, where they appear uk canada goose to be waiting to be canada goose outlet sale fed.

Medina was arrested Wednesday. At least three of the bears she has reportedly been feeding will have to be put down because they’ve been caught before near cheap canada goose humans. The remaining bears will be evaluated to see if they can survive being relocated. It’s a possibility they also will have to be killed.

“I think canada goose outlet jackets canada goose coats on sale we can enjoy and canada goose outlet uk honor and be in awe of [wildlife] without luring it to canada goose uk black friday us, so it just makes me sad for the bears,” said Tassler.

Feeding bears is illegal, and for good reason. Bears that have gotten used to people and their food can become Canada Goose Coats On Sale aggressive and lose their natural instincts to canada goose uk shop forage, according to wildlife officials.

The house where these bears reportedly have canada goose outlet in usa been fed is near two elementary schools.

“It’s scary for a lot of kids. There’s a lot of kids that walk through the neighborhoods, school’s about to start, and if those goose outlet canada bears are coming out thinking they’re going to get something to eat, the kids are going to be frightened,” neighbor Felicia Figueroa said.

Wildlife officials were out Wednesday night trying to trap the bears. Officials tell 11 News that no bears were caught overnight. Only raccoon made official canada goose outlet it into the traps Thursday morning. They canada goose outlet reviews continued to trap Thursday, and captured their first bear Thursday night. A spokesperson Canada Goose Outlet with Colorado Parks and Wildlife tells 11 News the bear is undergoing an evaluation Friday to buy canada goose jacket cheap determine if it can survive in canada goose jacket outlet the wild.

Colorado Revised Statute 33 6 131 prohibits anyone from knowingly luring bears, explaining that “it is unlawful for any person to place food or edible waste in the open with the intent of luring a wild bear to such food or edible waste.”.


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