The Ofsted report notes that, while the “impact of leaders on

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high quality hermes replica uk Children in care are ‘being let down too often’ according to Ofsted reportThere are fears the needs of children in care in Cambridgeshire are not being met(Image: Getty)Get the replica hermes crocodile birkin biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailThere are fears children in care are being let down by the county council after an inspector found children’s health needs were “too often” not being met, and that dental checks and immunisations for children in care “remains poor”.An unannounced inspection of Cambridgeshire County Council’s children’s social care services took place between January 7 and January 18 this year.The report highlights fears children’s health and care needs were “too often” not being met, and that things like dental checks and immunisations for children in care “remains poor”. The county council say they welcome the report and are already working “swiftly” to address some of the shortcomings.The inspection, which was carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspector Dominic Stevens, highlighted a number of areas which require improvement.The Ofsted report notes that, while the “impact of leaders on social work practice with children and families” is considered “good”, other areas like the experiences and progress of children who need help and protection, and the experiences hermes belt replica uk and progress of children in care and care leavers, require improvement.According to the report, the overall effectiveness of the council’s children’s social care services “requires improvement”. The report says these are too high for most social workers and “unsustainable” in some teams.According to the report, while many staff are working very hard to cope with restructuring within the service, the “quality and the timeliness of services remain less than good for too many children”.The inspector also found some children’s care was not updated to reflect their current circumstances and needs, for example “not clearly stating their wishes about contact with brothers, sisters, parents” and others who are important to them.As well as this, work to ensure that children have permanent homes is “not always pursued with sufficient pace or rigour”.Dental checks hermes replica singapore and immunisations for children in care remains poor The report says: “Too often, the health needs of children are not being well met.A spokeswoman for the counil said leaders have recognised this and have taken “a series of well considered actions, backed by financial investment”, which have begun to improve the quality and impact of work with children, young people and their families.Cllr Simon Bywater, Chairman of the Children and Young People’s Committee hermes birkin leather replica said the replica hermes mens wallet council has already introduced a number of changes which, he said, are already working towards improving the service.Cllr Bywater replica hermes sandals uk said: “I welcome the report high quality hermes replica uk.


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