The drug charges against him in Ohio are still pending

Mar 21, 2015 || by eayana

Falls Narcotics Division detectives took down an Orleans Avenue crack dealer, literally, on Tuesday.

Under a fountain of water from a broken toilet, investigators were able to both capture Michael Ivey Jr. and recover just over 5 ounces of crack cocaine. They then found more crack and a digital scale buy canada goose jacket in a kitchen cabinet, along with nearly $1,800 in water soaked cash in Ivey’s front pocket.

The arrest and seizures were the result of the execution of a search warrant at 2305 Orleans Ave. lower, just after noon. Detectives said Falls City Court Judge Diane canada goose jacket outlet Vitello had to leave the bench while court was in session to sign the search warrant so they could act.

Narcotics Division Capt. Morris Shamrock called Ivey a major player in the local crack cocaine trade.

“He had canadian goose jacket five and a half ounces of uk canada goose outlet cocaine, worth about $8,000 wholesale and $12,500 on the street,” canada goose outlet canada goose coats on sale jackets Shamrock said. “He was an upper level dealer who supplied street dealers.”

Ivey was also not a stranger to local narcotics investigators.

“He’s been on the radar for years,” Narcotics Detective Tom Rodriguez said. “He went away (to prison after a shooting incident in 2002 2003), then came home last year.”

What put Ivey back on the radar screen for local cops was a call, in goose outlet canada late December, from Ohio State Police.

“He was stopped by one of their patrols (heading to New York) with a pound of cocaine Canada Goose online in his car,” Rodriguez said.

Ivey was arrested, but posted canada goose outlet sale a $30,000 cash bail the next day and returned to the Falls. The drug charges against him in Ohio are still pending.

“(The Ohio State Police) called us to find out what he knew about him,” Rodriguez said, “and that’s when we started looking into him here.”

On New Year’s Eve, Ivey was the target canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet uk sale of a gunman outside a home on Zito Drive but canada goose outlet online escaped injury. Investigators also said they began to gather intelligence that showed that Ivey was supplying Cataract City crack dealers.

When detectives broke official canada goose outlet through the front door of Ivey’s apartment, he began running toward canada goose outlet uk the canada goose clearance bathroom with a black bag in his hands.

“I saw the bag in his hand and I knew immediately what he was trying to do,” Narcotics Detective Joe Palermo said.

Palermo chased after Ivey and tackled canada goose outlet parka the 5 foot 6, 270 pound suspect just as he threw the bag in the bathroom toilet.

“(Palermo and Ivey) slid into cheap Canada Goose the canada goose outlet in usa toilet and the force out that knocked the toilet off it’s bolts and snapped the water line,” Rodriguez said. “So as they were struggling, the bag was lying in the toilet on its side and cheap canada goose the cheap canada goose water was spraying all over them.”

Rodriguez and Detective John Galie, who was also a lead investigator on the case, were able to help Palermo get control of Ivey and take him into custody.

A search of canada goose outlet canada Ivey’s apartment also turned up 10 grams of marijuana.

Ivey, 31, has now been charged with one count of second degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, two counts of third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence and obstructing governmental administration.


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