She also dispelled the impression that medicines for hepatitis

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wholesale jerseys from china She added that regular meetings were held in this regard since January. Dr Yasmin Rashid also voiced concern over the spread of hepatitis by barbers and called for the registration of saloons and barbers to control the disease. She also dispelled the impression that medicines for hepatitis were not being provided to is cheap nfl jerseys com legit the patients.Meanwhile, Ahmed Iqbal, son of detained PML N leader Ahsan Iqbal, while talking to the media said that the institution of NAB was being pressurised to initiate action against Ahsan Iqbal, Mariyum Aurangzeb and Khawaja Asif.He said that Ahsan Iqbal and his elders served the country, adding his father had a clean record as a politician which was even acknowledged by his rivals wholesale jerseys from china.


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