says the mock attack was intended to intimidate

Jul 15, 2014 || by eayana

Russia stages mock attack on Norwegian radar

innovationmilitary station, jams GPSA dramatic move by the Russian military has Norwegian officials on edge with the latest frightening technology being put on show.

Jamie Seidel

The President of Russia is one of the world’s most powerful men. Norway says Russia staged a large scale ‘mock’ attack on one canada goose outlet of its northern radar outposts. Picture: US NavySource:AFP

canada goose trenton jacket uk At first, it seemed like cheap canada goose uk any other Russian training exercise. A flight of 11 Su 24 ‘Fencer’ strike aircraft took off from their air base on the frosty Kola Peninsula, flying out over the Arctic buy canada goose jacket cheap Barents Sea. But, suddenly, canadian goose jacket the supersonic aircraft swung about, sped up, and formed into an attack profile aimed directly at a nearby Norwegian outpost. canada goose trenton jacket uk

canada goose outlet shop Only at the last possible moment did they veer away. canada goose outlet shop

The surprise attack profile adopted by 11 Russian Su 24 ‘Fencer’ strike aircraft against a Norwegian radar outpost. Picture: Norwegian Intelligence ServiceSource:Supplied

It was February 14, 2018.

But details of the simulated first strike have only now been revealed.

canada goose outlet florida The target of the Russian attack aircraft was Vardo, Norway northernmost town. canada goose outlet florida

The fishing village is built on a small island in the Barents Sea. It an ideal vantage point from which to observe the concentration of Russian canada goose military facilities built on the nearby Kola Peninsula.

canada goose gilet black friday It also sits under the direct flight path intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) would take if launched against the United States. Which is why Vardo is home to a powerful radar system designed to track rocket launches and objects in Canada Goose Jackets space. canada goose gilet black friday

Two Russian Sukhoi Su Canada Goose online 24 attack aircraft pictured on April 12, 2016 in the Baltic Sea. Picture: US NavySource:Getty Images


canada goose outlet england Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde of the Norwegian Intelligence Service earlier this week revealed Russia staged two such practice attack runs last year. canada goose outlet england

buy canada goose jacket The intelligence director warned the provocative acts came as rhetoric against Norway has grown sharper warned things cheap Canada Goose were not likely to get any better in the year ahead. behaviour does not exactly contribute to an uk canada goose outlet atmosphere of trust and predictability at the regional level. says the mock attack was intended to intimidate. buy canada goose jacket

Moscow was letting Norway know in no uncertain terms that it was unhappy with its recently enhanced military co operation with NATO and the United States. And the Kremlin is canada goose uk shop also actively asserting territorial claims over much of the Polar regions as the Arctic ice retreats.

is the emerging security challenges that Norway is facing in the High North, Atland uk canada goose says.

canada goose store The Northern Lights at Vardo, northern Norway. Picture: Graham DonaldsonSource:SuppliedRussia is reportedly again jamming GPS signals in Norway far north, after several similar incidents last year. canada goose store

General Lunde also expressed concern that commercial and military aircraft were again reporting wayward navigational data.

Speaking canada goose black friday sale at Canada Goose sale the release of Norway annual national risk assessment, he said efforts to track the cause of disruption pointed to sources across the border in Russia.


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