Payments may take 24 48 hours to appear in your PayPal

Jun 27, 2014 || by eayana

How to stay safe when trading

Canada Goose Coats On Sale While new users more often than canada goose outlet new york city not are trustworthy (I make deals with new users all the time), you should still exercise caution when making deals, mainly due to the following reasons: Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Do they have Flair, Completed Trades, or Rep Elsewhere??

Scammers canada goose outlet kokemuksia may create accounts with similar looking names to trick you into thinking they have “rep”, or just straight canada goose shop uk review up make a new account if their main account was already outed for canada goose outlet toronto address scamming.

canada goose Is the user linking to real or are they using a personal subreddit? canada goose

If they link you to a personal subreddit for that is an immediate red canada goose outlet authentic flag.

Sellers may use fake/stolen images of items they don actually have. Make sure what they selling you is something they actually possess. It a great idea to always ask for pictures, even if it NIB stuff. If necessary ask for timestamps! This is very important. If the seller includes the item and their username with a date, everything should be good to go in this regard.

Tineye or Google reverse image search their pictures. This is not as foolproof as timestamps, but you can look their pictures up that way if you yet have any doubts.

As a buyer spending an extra 3% for your item shouldn add too much more to the cost of your item.

As a seller you could just build that cost into the price of your item.

Under no circumstances should you send payment as friends/family, nor as a seller should you only ask for friends/family.

There may be additional consequences from PayPal if they find out you dealing with F payments when canada goose uk in reality dealing with goods and services. It very rare, but you do not want this to happen to you. I heard some horror stories about people getting screwed by asking for F payments.

Additionally, if a seller sends the buyer an invoice, Paypal fee to the seller doesn apply to shipping costs. It minor but still worth noting.

Canada Goose sale PayPal allows the sender of an Invoice to write whatever they want in the message field. So a scammer may write something like, “You have received a payment from Scammer. Payments may take 24 48 hours to appear in your PayPal Account”. Canada Goose sale

canada goose clearance This may create the illusion that you have received payment when in reality the Buyer has just created an invoice sent it to you and marked it paid immediately. canada goose clearance

canada goose clearance sale In reality, PayPal Payments normally appear immediately. So check your account. if you don see any payment or pending payment it might be a scam. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose factory sale While PayPal may hold funds or delay their availability the transaction almost always shows up in your PayPal Activity immediately. canada canada goose outlet goose factory sale

If the user starts to get pushy, playing the victim, calling you a scammer or really doing anything other than saying, “Let me know when the payment shows up”. immediately MESSAGE THE MODMAIL.

canada goose coats on sale An example can be seen here: PayPal Invoice Scam canada goose coats on sale

“Oh, I’ve been scammed before, so I’m not comfortable sending first” or “I need money quickly to buy _________ (fill in the blank game on sale, food, medicine, etc)”. While this may be true for some people, that not your problem. If you are inclined to believe them ask for proof of the scam. When did it happen? How? What was it for? Do they have any confirmed trades? Did they report it? Did they post on /r/BadKarma?

buy canada goose jacket REQUIRES A NON REFUNDABLE PAYMENT buy canada goose jacket

It’s one thing if someone prefers or asks for gift payments or gift cards, but anyone that won’t even give you the option to use PayPal (Goods/Services) is most likely a scammer. The scammer wants you to pay using a source that offers no buyer protection. If you pay for something using any kind of Gift Card of Digital Credit instead of PayPal goods/services, you cannot dispute the payment to reclaim your money cheap canada goose jacket mens if you get scammed. so stop it.


Unverified accounts means PayPal has NO personal information about that user. No Bank Account, No Address. NOTHING. If you are dealing with an Unverified Account I would exercise caution. While most Unverified Accounts may not be scammers, I may ask that they go first or walk away if I see other red flags along with their Unverified Status.

cheap canada goose uk We’re all human beings. We all have family, school, work, bills, lives, etc. Shit happens. Things come up. Sometimes delays occur. and that’s okay. Just keep your trade partner informed, and don’t let a delay turn into a non delivery. Because then you’re gonna have a bad time cheap canada goose uk


There’s Canada Goose Parka no need for you to enforce the rules yourself. If you see a violation of the rules, hit report and enter a reason. These come to us anonymously, though you’re free to put your name in the report if you’d like. If you report something PLEASE also message the moderators if the report requires canada goose outlet vaughan mills explanation. If you report a thread and say, “User is a scammer” you HAVE to message us with proof. We want to ban scammers. but we have to have proof. As moderators, we aren’t all on 24/7, and sometimes things will slip past us. We will always rely on the community to help us weed out the bad apples.

Canada Goose online Message the modmail! Give us all of the relevant information and we make a call based on what we think happened with the situation. Sometimes things happen in peoples lives beyond their control so they might not have been able to respond to you in a while. We try to make a good judgement call on what we think canada goose outlet edmonton you should do Canada Goose online.


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