Nevertheless, there are options on our list that do not

Jun 3, 2014 || by eayana

9 Best Guitar Stands

When buying guitar gear, one simple piece of hardware is often overlooked. It as useful as a guitar case in terms of keeping your investment safe from harm. It rarely, if ever, included in beginner guitar kits. Not even the most expensive Custom Shop guitar ships with one. What is this seemingly elusive or at least terribly un sexy item? A guitar stand. Guitarists are somewhat canada goose coats divided about which type of stand is best. Personally, I find that the maple/rosewood canada goose factory Canada Goose online outlet combinations on the necks of my guitars are plenty strong enough to hold their weight in a hanging type holder. Some players feel that the guitar should never hang from the headstock as this puts undue stress on the instrument. a Les Paul), you might want to take this advice. Nevertheless, there are options on our list that do not require hanging from the headstock, too.

For both safety and convenience, here are ten options for the best guitar canada goose stand to protect your beloved axe.

Probably the most common guitar stand is this one from OnStage. Most players I know have had one of these at one time or another, and they common in school band settings. They certainly do the job and tend not to be prone to failure. Several canada goose outlet toronto factory of these kick around my practice space and usually hold the nicer guitars around the edges of the room. If you looking for something you don want to have to put a lot of thought into, this is the way to canada goose uk canada goose black friday sale go.

The neck loop canada goose outlet uk sale is a nice little bonus, especially when you know it going to sit there awhile. Prime members could also consider the AmazonBasics version, though at the time of this writing, it only a marginal savings over the better known model. Gator Frameworks offers one, as well, again only for Prime members.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite guitar stand. I used this for going on a decade now to hold my very strange, very heavy 80s MIJ Strat. It rides folded up in the front pocket of my gig bag to every show and practice and occasionally cheap canada goose stands guard in the corner of my living room. More than once, I dropped this down a flight of stairs leading outside. Both a dog and a cat have chewed on the foam, and though it gave up in places, for the most part, it clings to canada goose outlet sale the metal frame underneath and keeps my guitar safe. Rugged, convenient, and not too much more expensive than the a frame guitar stands it replaces. This is the model for electric guitars, but if you have an acoustic, you want the Hercules GS301B Travlite Acoustic Guitar Stand.

If you want something even more portable, consider the company GS402BB Mini Electric Stand, which folds up canada goose factory sale smaller canada goose outlet reviews and comes with its own bag. I don like it quite as much, but it is pretty nifty. Since this is standing in for the more traditional a frame style, you could also consider the OnStage GS7462B Folding Guitar Stand, which is a few bucks cheaper. In my experience, the legs on these tend to widen in time, which leads to the bottom of canada goose clearance your guitar resting on the floor. Similarly, the Top Stage Pro Universal Guitar Stand is dirt cheap and features a lock to prevent the collapse. Worth considering, but my money goes to Hercules here.

In addition canada goose outlet new york city to my beloved Hercules, I also have a handful of these for my guitars to live in full time. In my little corner studio at home, they cheap canada goose hang behind my computer chair, right over my practice amp and pedalboard. I hang them back up with the guitar cords still attached, even, so I just need to grab one off the wall to work on a riff or get a few minutes of practice in. They come in various natural hardwood shades as pictured above, as well as black metal and white metal, the latter of which is what I use and is good for white walls.

For options, there are some very cheap knockoffs available, but buy at your own risk. Dangling your guitar several feet off the ground is always a little fraught, and cutting costs here might not be the best move. To that end, the Hercules version uses their auto grip system for even greater security, but is more expensive.

In addition to canada goose outlet parka all of those, String Swing also makes a horizontal guitar holder for those that really don want their babies hanging from the headstock.

Speaking of the Auto Grip System, Hercules also makes a free standing guitar holder that combines the unique fixture with a more traditional stand. Taking off from the OnStage above, this again offers the padded surface on all contact points. There a simple locking mechanism that allows you to adjust the height to accommodate basses, if needed. The AGS mechanism holds up to 33 pounds, so you can put nearly any guitar ever made on it along with 15 pounds of cords. There are Canada Goose Coats On Sale a few models of canada goose uk black friday these stands, with this being the standard, entry level version. Other versions include:

GS412B includes folding backrest

GS415B adds folding mechanism to the AGS yoke

GS455B AGS yoke made to accommodate instrument necks from 28mm to 55mm wide

Competing directly with the Hercules GS402BB Mini Electric Stand I mentioned above, this is a very inexpensive and simple option. Part of the price benefit comes from the Prime member restriction, but if you can live with that, you can save 2/3 the price compared to the Hercules. It folds up super tiny for tossing into gig bags, and is made of tough metal tubing that will put up with a good deal of abuse. It not as hearty as the Hercules design, but that certainly reflected in the price difference. Very good for a beginner guitarist or someone constantly on the go.

For acoustic players, this K option provides an extra feature compared to the Hercules above: a locking, four position width adjustment. While the Hercules can be set to any width, it doesn lock in position the way this does. The adjustment allows you to resize it for guitars from 00 size to jumbo to fit virtually your entire arsenal. The company also suggests that it will work for your cello and French horn, as well. Finally, it folds up extremely flat so you can toss it in the gig bag. Oh, and they make an electric guitar model, too.

The canada goose outlet uk need for a stand on stage is heightened when you play with more than one guitar. I rarely ever switch off of my number one, but I always keep another one up there with me in case of emergency. official canada goose outlet A dual guitar stand is perfect for this purpose, and Gator makes a fine example. It just like the OnStage one at the top of the post but, you know, with two slots. For $29.99, you can also go up to three, in case you got one song in another tuning, or you need to drop an acoustic ballad into the middle of your djent set.

Naturally, Hercules have both a two guitar and three guitar options, as well, both with the AGS hanger.

Do you know a guitarist that only has one guitar yet are any appreciable time into their playing career? The three I have right now represent the smallest collection I had personally. Certainly when in the studio, canada goose outlet store my old band assembled guitar army was into the dozens. For the ones in frequent rotation, we used one of these racks. For three electrics, a bass, and an acoustic guitar, it was exactly perfect. Though some reviewers say that it isn easy to fold up, I didn find this to be the case and very occasionally, we tossed this into the pile going to a show. By utilizing extra HA205 extension packs, you can fit up to ten narrow body electrics on this rack, if you wanted. Alternatively, Hercules make a three instrument rack, as well.

Since this one is pretty pricey, you could consider the cheaper (in both senses) Fender 5 Multi Stand or the OnStage GS7561 Foldable Five Space Multi Guitar Stand, although we managed to break the latter, as well as the Proline PLMS5 Folding Stand. To get close to the expandability of the Hercules, you can go off brand with the Best Choice Products Seven Multi Folding Stand or the TMS Nine Guitar Holder Stand. If you gentle, you might be able to make these work, but we found the Hercules to be the winner.


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