, mother spoke publicly Monday after returning from an

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Missing children cases can have happy endings

canada goose jobs uk TORONTO A Toronto area mother who Canada Goose online spent three anguished decades wondering whether canadian goose jacket her son was alive or dead said their recent, happy canada goose store reunion should offer hope to other families grappling with the pain of missing a child. canada goose jobs uk

canada goose outlet black friday sale Lyneth Mann Lewis said the story book ending to her long, painful tale of separation offers proof that even circumstances that seem hopeless can turn around unexpectedly. canada goose outlet black friday sale

The Brampton, Ont., mother spoke publicly Monday after returning from an emotional reunion with a son who was allegedly abducted by his father 31 years ago, cheap canada goose raised under an Canada Goose Parka assumed name and told his mother was dead.

While tearfully recounting the reunion, which gave her the chance to cuddle and cook for her son for the first time in decades, Mann Lewis said she also thought of others whose children are still missing.

“I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering, one should never give up,” she said at a Monday afternoon news conference. “Be patient, be strong, and believe that all things are possible and that anything can transpire.”

canada goose outlet authentic The saga for mother and child began in 1987 during cheap canada goose uk a visit between 21 month canada goose coats on sale old Jermaine Mann and his father, Allan Mann Jr. canada goose outlet authentic

Toronto police allege Mann Jr. abducted his son during that visit and fled to the United States, where he established false identities for them both.

canada goose sylvan vest uk Toronto police Det. Sgt. engaged in alleged criminal activity from the time of his arrival and created a deceitful existence for Jermaine. canada goose sylvan vest uk

“They lived, basically, a life of lies as to who they were and what they did, unbeknownst to Jermaine,” Banks said. “He was under cheap Canada Goose the impression that his https://www.mild-und-leise.de mother had died shortly after birth.”

canada goose womens outlet Mann Lewis contacted both Toronto police and the Missing Children Society of Canada in hopes of finding her son, launching multi decade investigations in both agencies. canada goose womens outlet

Banks said the canada goose factory sale case went cold until 2016 when the force’s fugitive squad co hosted an annual training session for forces around the world. Marshals Service.

Banks did not offer particulars of the American investigation, but said it led to the arrest of Allan Mann Jr. on Friday.

cheap canada goose jackets toronto Banks said Mann Jr. is currently facing multiple criminal charges south of the border, but will be extradited to Canada to face one count of abduction in his son’s disappearance. cheap canada goose jackets toronto

After decades of waiting, Mann Lewis said in many ways the last few hours before seeing her son again were the worst.

Flanked by officials with the Missing Children Society, she said she agonized over the pending reunion, especially after her original flight to Connecticut was cancelled and the canada goose coats party had to catch a later flight.

Once she got canada goose clearance there, she said, she was able to revel in the reality of touching her son again, adding he seemed quick to make connections of his own.

“‘Oh, uk canada goose mommy, you have my eyes,”‘ she said of his first words to her. “He hugged me and he kissed me and we canada goose clearance sale held there for a long time.”

cheap canada goose alternative Mann Lewis said she then took great pleasure in cooking for her son, adding he broke his usual vegetarian lifestyle to eat the chicken she prepared without knowing his dietary preference. cheap canada goose alternative

She declined to say whether her son will readopt the name Jermaine or use the one he’s known his whole life, adding she would respect his choice either way.

She said her son has had a chance to speak by phone to his half brother, Mann Lewis’ child by another marriage.

Amanda Pick of the Missing Children Society said the reunion marks the culmination of a case that preoccupied investigators for decades.

She had praise for officials who waded through hundreds of tips and interviews over the years, as well as for Mann Lewis and her relatives.

“Lyneth and her family have been a tower of strength and perseverance throughout the investigation,” she said. “During all these years her strength and her courage always gave us hope and spurred us to never give up.”.


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