July 20: Right sized lanes debut on Folsom Street

Dec 6, 2014 || by eayana

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best hermes replica handbags But it quickly faced a backlash from drivers who reported intense congestion at certain times.Boulder’s summer of ‘right sizing’June 1: City transportation planners propose that right sizing take place on Folsom Street, Iris Avenue, 55th Street and 63rd Street.June 8: Transportation Advisory Board recommends replica hermes dogon wallet City Council approve right sizing plans.June hermes replica paypal 15: Roughly 80 people offer comment to City Council many for and many against right sizing and the council votes 7 2 to support the plan on Folsom, Iris and 63rd, but puts its 55th Street plans on hold.July orange hermes belt replica 13 17: Construction work on right sizing begins with city crews filling potholes and closing lanes on Folsom Street. Corridor signing, striping and pavement marking on Folsom costs the city about $170,000.July 20: Right sized lanes debut on Folsom Street, with new bike lanes featuring a striped buffer installed between Valmont Road and Canyon Boulevard. Folsom along that stretch now has one lane in hermes replica bracelet each direction, plus a center turn lane.July 28: After an initial evaluation of right sizing on Folsom Street, Boulder announces suspension of plans to expand the project to Iris and 63rd.Aug. best hermes replica handbags

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