It wasn’t attached but the break left a jagged part that was

May 3, 2014 || by eayana

Little Yum

The Miracle LegBy late afternoon on Friday most people are pretty much ready to settle in for a nice quiet weekend. Our day was already hectic with my husband just being released from the hospital.

We were approaching our front door when we learned of a canada goose outlet jackets new kitten that had been rescued. For the next 72 hours things got even “hairier”.

This is canada goose store canada goose outlet shop the story of a little wonder named Yancy. A kitten with remarkable strength and courage who has won the hearts of everyone she meets. Read how we unfold the real miracle of how a kitten learned to walk without a bone. Do not copy.

Photo credit by favored1 canada goose outlet or Amazon unless canada goose outlet otherwise noted.

This artwork is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Meeting YancyHer formal name is Yancy, but because she is so sweet I’ve called her Yum Yum from the very beginning. This little cat graphic is exactly what Yancy would do. She would look at you and cry out waiting for you to pick her up or feed her.

This precious little bundle was brought to the rescue center on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 4:50 pm. She couldn’t walk very well and had a bad canada goose black friday sale limp. canada goose outlet nyc It was thought that she had been hit by a car or that it could have been a birth defect. However, since then her physical problem has canada goose outlet canada been diagnosed as abuse.

We really don’t know what happened, other than Yancy’s ribs stuck out and this 7 8 week old kitten was starving and for some reason limped.

She wouldn’t let us touch her leg at all when we tried to examine her. It appeared as if she had broken her leg. We restricted her movement cheap canada goose and confined her to a cage where she couldn’t walk around too much, until we were sure what the problem Canada Goose sale was.

You can see the marks on the x ray where the vet had canada goose outlet reviews to cut. It looks like a tiny part of the bone still remained, but the bone was gone.

Apointed jagged part had to be removed. It wasn’t attached but the break left a jagged part that was rubbing against the muscles and tendons, causing canada goose uk black friday excruciating pain. The technical name of the surgery is, cheap canada goose uk “Femoral Head Ostectomy”.

If you look at the spine you will notice the right leg bone (on your left to view) is higher and the other bones are pushed over out of place.

Photo by Favored1X Rays August 9th after Surgery Yancy would have to wait 3 more days until she could be operated on for her broken hip. This was taken on Thursday, August 9th, 2012 canada goose outlet uk sale right after her surgery.

Photos by Favored1

Notice the right hip against the left one. canada goose outlet online uk Can you see what is missing?

You can also see canada goose uk shop how her left ribs are larger around the muscle area, because she used her left side to drag her body.

Yancy’s upper body is larger and Canada Goose Coats On Sale it sort of mis shapen.

The doctor cleaned the ball out of the socket, official canada goose outlet and straightened canada goose coats the break so it canada goose jacket outlet wouldn’t rub against anything.

Notice that nothing is holding the leg in place but muscle and tendons.

Her muscle would have to serve as the “hip” if she were to walk.

Waiting Healing September 2012 The next few weeks Yancy made a lot canada goose outlet toronto factory of feline friends. She thinks everyone loves her, and why wouldn’t they?Click thumbnail to view full size.


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