Eayana is a company of IT experts who have been providing excellent technical support to small and medium entrepreneurs, as well as large scale business. We are continually expanding our IT capabilities to better serve your business. As of today, we offer different methods of technical assistance in order to complement the needs of businesses.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are professional individuals that are trained specifically to offer a myriad of typical assistant functions so you can better focus on the important tasks. Eayana offers top performing and well trained VAs to provide administrative assistance for your business.

Lead Generation

In order for your business to gain sales, you have to have leads. Lead is a person or a company that has shown interest in your products or services. Eayana composes of inbound marketing experts that have developed effective strategies in lead generation.

Customer Service

Eayana features a group highly dedicated customer service professionals who are educated and trained to meet the requirements of the field. As a customer service provider, we offer better marketing performance, faster problem resolution and untiring dedication in satisfying your own customers.