It doesn matter the guy color

Dec 25, 2014 || by eayana

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replica bags china free shipping Students who do not have UC SHIP are still able to utilize Ashe Center services, for a small fee. After hours, all triage calls roll over to an outside NurseLine so your student can speak with a registered nurse at any time of the day or night to make more informed decisions about their health.In the case of a life threatening emergency, your student should go to the nearest hospital emergency department:Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Emergency Room (310 825 2111).If an ambulance is needed: Call 911 or campus UCPD at (310) 825 1491Social MediaYou can locate the Arthur Ashe Student Health Wellness Center on Facebook by clicking here. Follow their page for updates on free flu fairs and other outreach events on campus, contests and giveaways for your student and important health announcements from The Ashe Center.Primary CareThe Ashe Center offers diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, and ongoing conditions; screening for sexually transmitted infections and; preventative health counseling and education.Rather than wait for an appointment with an Ashe clinician, all students now have the option of speaking with a registered consult nurse. replica bags china free shipping

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