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Jul 8, 2014 || by eayana

All Men Are Liars

The Bland of the Southern Cross

Yesterday, canada goose outlet jackets my mate Gibbo sent me this picture of a football player named Ben Rogers, shirt off, proudly displaying his tattoos of not only the Southern Cross but the Australian coat of arms as well.

This was disappointing for me because Rogers will probably be the starting five eighth canada goose outlet canada for my rugby league team, the canada goose outlet store South Sydney Rabbitohs, and if Benny is myopic enough to get that tattooed on his back, I’m not confident about the accuracy of his kicking game.

Some time in the last 18 months, the Southern Cross tattoo passed a threshold with me not because of the image itself, but the blokes I saw sporting it and became the Australian equivalent of the American Confederate flag.

There now seems to be a jut jawed, “f you if you don’t like Australia” message going on behind the ink, a not so canada goose outlet black friday subtle “we grew here, you flew here” hostility which anoints the wearer as “more Aussie” because he has the Southern Cross scrawled on his shoulder.

The saying he “wraps himself in the flag” suggests a man who pretends to do something for patriotic reasons but his real motive is more personal and I think the surge in Southern Cross and Australian flag tattoos we’ve seen needled onto flesh official canada goose outlet since the 2005 Cronulla riots edges toward that: it has little to do with patriotism.

To me, it represents fear the desire to intimidate people from “non white” backgrounds, but also fearfulness men and women who are afraid of a world bigger and more complex than “we eat meat, we drink beer and we speak f ing English!”

Part of it is a herd mentality and like canada goose uk shop most herds this one is homogeneous Anglo Saxon youngsters with a “if you don’t love it, leave” attitude.

(I don’t reckon there’s too many Australians of Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Indian, Vietnamese or Chinese backgrounds who sport a Southern Cross sticker on their chest but feel free to post photos if you can find them.)

Part of it is also context: I’d say canada goose coats on sale a 45 year old digger fighting in canada goose jacket outlet Afghanistan who has a 15 year old Southern Cross tattoo probably got his for different reasons than some 25 year old plumber from The Shire.

My favourite philosopher, Eric Hoffer, wrote many years ago that “the less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.”

Most great patriots are great people; they enhance their country’s standing instead of assuming a flagpole on their front lawn will enhance them.

Can you imagine Charles Kingsford Smith, Caroline Chisholm, Albert Namatjira or John Simpson getting a Southern Cross tattoo today? You reckon Fred Hollows or Ted Noffs would have sprung for a Boxing Kangaroo on their backs?

The Southern Cross tattoo has almost nothing do with patriotism and everything to do with insecurity, fear and a profound lack of originality.

I mean if it was all about being so damn proud of being born here, why not get this tatt instead?

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On the weekend I met a group of people for whom this is the equivalent of a trip to the moon, or running through a canada goose outlet toronto factory field of sunflowers chasing the love of their life in short, getting out canada goose factory outlet of bed and dressing themselves would be the sweetest experience they canada goose coats could dream of and, sadly, it’s one which most of them will never have.

There is, however, one thrilling new experience they have now had the pleasure of enjoying: surfing.

Saturday was the annual “Let’s Go Surfing Day” for the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia’s Sydney Branch and it saw more than 100 disabled people take to the waves at Collaroy beach for what was the most remarkable eight hours of humanity I’ve ever witnessed.

The blind, the crippled, the injured, the brain damaged, autistic and the deaf were guided into the surf cheap canada goose by hundreds of equally incredible volunteers and as I watched and did my own small part to help, all I could think was “you will never complain again”.

The DSA was founded in 1986 by surfer, Gary Blaschke, after he lost a kneecap in a motorcycle accident, and he realised how difficult it was for people with disabilities to get into the water.

Since then his organisation, whose sole aim is to put “smiles on dials”, has gone national and caters to individuals with all classes of disabilities, canada goose outlet new york city from those made paraplegic in car accidents to others born with profound and complex disabilities.

It’s a clich that if you cheap canada goose think you have problems, you should visit a children’s cancer ward and the main issue I have with this mindset is it seems a case of “thank god it’s not me”, like people with disabilities exist just to remind us how fortunate we are.

There’s no escaping this part of the equation when you interact with the disabled, but the other more profound effect is plain canada goose outlet online uk and simple grace the courage, the dignity and warmth you find in people who utterly understand cheap canada goose uk life is not about the brand of jeans you wear.

Like Tim, who at age 21, lost control of his car and woke up in hospital with severe brain damage and had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat but is now studying communications at TAFE.

Tim’s life changed forever one night on a wet road leading into Maitland, as did his new mate Marshall’s, when his car smashed into a pole and Canada Goose Jackets also left him unable to walk or talk and without a sense of smell.

Tim and Marshall were two of the star surfers of the day, being uk canada goose outlet far more mobile than some of the other participants, Canada Goose sale who had to be carried, lifted and hauled into the waves, screaming with laughter like my new mate, Matt the Surf Rat.

The ocean can be a pretty intimidating place and I’ve seen many, many able bodied people panic when they’ve been caught by breakers or rips and realised they were at Canada Goose Coats On Sale the mercy goose outlet canada of elements far more powerful than them.


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