In 2017, not one of our organization’s recommendations to

Jul 29, 2014 || by eayana

Bighorn proposal puts politics over public input

For Alberta off highway vehicle (OHV) users and an increasing number of user canada goose coats on sale groups, municipalities and First Nations to say the provincial government’s approach to consultation regarding public land use policies has been troubling would be an understatement.

canada goose outlet store new york The Bighorn Country proposal is just another example of the NDP canada goose coats government’s disregard for stakeholder and public input, leading to the increasing strain between backcountry users and the government of Alberta. The Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association (AOHVA) and the more than 165,000 OHV trail users in the province feel the government’s consultation process is fundamentally flawed. canada goose outlet store new york

First, the government is failing to follow their own framework by ignoring the significant participation, effort and recommendations of the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (NSRP). It seems the government has decided to ignore legislated process, frustrating not only those who contributed to the NSRP but backcountry user groups as well.

does canada goose have black friday sales Second, many from the OHV user community sense the decision has already been made. It seems that no concern or solution raised by the uk canada goose OHV community throughout this consultation process will ever find its way into government policy. Those who suspect as much have good reason to. does canada goose have black friday sales

In fact, many OHV trails in the area have been closed already. In 2017, not one of our organization’s recommendations to achieve an environmentally responsible, financially sustainable solution in the Castle were acknowledged by the government.

Rather, when the Canada Goose online government had completed their consultation process, it was announced that all OHV trails in the Castle would be closed. In subsequent consultations for the Livingstone Porcupine Hills recreation management draft plans, AOHVA presented extensive feedback. None was reflected in the final version.

Third, allegations of harassment and abuse during consultation sessions made by Environment and Parks Minister Shannon Phillips have served to delegitimize the process. Minister Phillips, canada goose outlet who should be a leader in this process, has lost the trust Canada Goose Parka of the OHV community and the OHV community has subsequently lost trust in the minister to impartially assess and respond to this issue.

canada goose factory outlet winnipeg Last, the government seems to value the input of foreign funded Canada Goose Outlet environmental non governmental organizations (ENGOs) more than local OHV users that have spent thousands of hours and invested millions of dollars on environmental stewardship. Look no further than the research conducted by Vivian Krause, uncovering canadian goose jacket how foreign funding has infiltrated the non profit sector to influence public policy. canada goose factory outlet winnipeg

OHV users consider themselves conservationists; they have a vested interest in ensuring the backcountry is preserved for future use. Despite the NDP government’sand ENGOs’ attempts to paint them otherwise, the vast majority are supportive of regulations that will enhance enforcement so that those who disrespect the privilege of using public lands for recreational use will face the appropriate consequences. Notably, those regulations are in place today.

cheap canada goose china AOHVA is a solution based organization, Canada Goose Coats On Sale with volunteers who have years uk canada goose outlet of real life, on the ground experience and expertise in designing, building, and maintaining sustainable OHV trails and infrastructure. Combined with our organizational strength and leadership, we can be a valued contributor to land use planning decisions. cheap canada goose china

cheap canada goose womens However, to do so, we must be provided with legitimate opportunities to affect change canada goose uk shop where our inputs are seriously and thoughtfully considered by the government. cheap canada goose womens

canada goose outlet canada One thing is for certain: AOHVA is motivated cheap Canada Goose to ensure responsible OHV users do not lose the opportunity to experience Alberta’s backcountry. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet chicago Election year or not, this government should reconsider their approach on the Bighorn Country proposal buy canada goose jacket and immediately work to repair a consultation system that is broken a system that reflects the ideological agenda of the NDP government and serves the interests of foreign funded ENGOs rather than everyday Albertans canada goose outlet chicago.


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