If the government has a choice to spend 20m on a transport

Apr 13, 2015 || by eayana

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canada goose uk shop This creates a special situation where a company doing business with self employed people, can get past usual minimum working requirements, by passing the responsibility for them onto the employee.There are court cases where workers are ruled to not be self employed, and the reaction from gig companies, is not to canada goose uk customer service give them full canada goose shop regent street benefits, but to make the smallest possible change to their contract, such that they are now no longer employees per the court orders ruling.Acnmq11 2 points submitted 4 days agoLondon has canada goose outlet locations in toronto the benefit that because its densly packed, the cost per head to deliver something is lower than elsewhere in the country. This raises the question, how should the government priortise projects? If it can deliver x positive outcome at a cost of 1000 per head in London, 2000 per head in Bristol, 5000 per head in rural wales and 25000 per head on a remote Scottish Island, what should the government do? Does it make sense to spend more on the project in London where you are getting more people that sucessfull outcome per spent? Should it be given to every person in canada goose outlet vaughan mills the country regardless the cost? Should you say, we will do it anywhere where the cost is less than 3000 / per head?The negative way of looking at it is to say “The government is favouring people living in London”, the positive way to look at it is “The government disregards people location and only cares about getting as cheap canada goose many people as possible the benefit at as low a cost per head as possible.”.If the government has a choice to spend 20m on a transport upgrade in London that will provide for 40,000 people day, or one in a less populated town that will provide for 15,000 people a day due to being more spread out, at the moment it has mostly been choosing the former.1) Robots replace humans in 80% of jobs with a combination of optical object recognition systems, canada goose cap uk object spacial manipulation systems, and low level intelligence. They cost 2,000 a year in amortized yearly costs (1k maintenance/electric a year, 1k from 20k cost over 20 year lifespan)2) Because companies are paying 2k a year instead of 20k a year for staff, they make 18k a year per former staff extra in profits.3) Increase https://www.gooseprkas.com taxes on companies so that 18k is captured by the government.4) Pay the 18k back out to the workers via UBI.Acnmq11 1 points submitted 5 days agoPeople on benefits could be required to spend 50 hours a week training as nurse assistants and then working in exchange for their benefits (chosen at random) canada goose uk shop.


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